Around the Archaeological Park of Classe

All around the Ancient Port you can visit:

The Church of Sant’Apollinare in Classe

The Church of Sant’Apollinare in Classe in located 300 mt far from the Ancient Port and it has been described as the most impressive Basilica of the Early Christian Period.
Built during the VI century, it was sanctified in 459 AC by the Archbishop Massimiano and it was dedicated to the first Bishop of Ravenna.
The Church represents nowdays as in the past, the importance of Classe and Cervia at the beginning of the Middle Age: the fact that it is so big, the rchness of materials but also the refinement and importance of its mosaics are exemples of the esteem of the Church.

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Classe pinewood

The pinewood of Classe extends between the cities of Classe and Cervia, to the south of Ravenna.
Originally it was part of a wide forest that used to stretch over the entire coastline of Ravenna, today its surface has shrunk to 900 hectares.
The pinewood is divided into three areas: the Ortazzino pinewood, close to Lido di Classe; the Ortazzo and the pinewood of Classe itself.
The vegetation growing in the pinewood is typically Mediterranean and covers both dry meadows and flooded lowlands with slightly brackish and fresh water.
The most interesting natural environment of the Pinewwod of Classe is the so-called Ortazzo, Ortazzino and Bevano mouth site, that represents one of the wildest area of the province and of the entire Adria Coast.

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Mirabilandia is the biggest theme park of Italy and is located in Savio, 13 kilometers from the Ancient Port. This theme park is sorrounded by greenery and includes water and mechanical attractions hosting shows for the whole family.

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Safari Ravenna

The Safari Ravenna zoological park is a natural zero-impact area situated in Savio/Mirabilandia (13 km from the Ancient Port).
Stertching over 30 hectares, the park offers the chance to watch animals closely by car/caravan/minibus… along the way it’s possible to meet more than 450 animals of 40 different species, such as tigers, lions,giraffes and zebras.
Guides enter with the visitors to discover the secrets of the animals; visitors can also touch some animals and create an emotional relation with them.

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